Cabin Fever Ep.8 - FLY EAGLE FLY
Monday, 4 September 2017, 3P ET

Join Erin in her tiny cabin in rural Western Massachusetts as she presents her newest EPs ACCORDING TO US and MIRRORS BREAK BACK. Conceived as spiritual twins, A2US celebrates the life-affirming joy of claiming your identity while MBB explores the fears we all harbor in our darkest hearts. Life is complex, girl, so own it all! You won’t want to miss these 12 songs played live in a rare performance by McKeown and band.

SPECIAL GUESTS for Ep.8 - FLY EAGLE FLY - Katie Sawicki and Zanny Geffel of the Portland OR chamber-rock band The Cabin Project and saxophonist Tina Richerson will join Erin as her band.

For those unfamiliar with Cabin Fever, the show will stream live here and then be archived for on-demand viewing shortly afterwards. You can participate on Facebook and Twitter with #FEVERFLY.

Although this episode of Cabin Fever is being presented FREE, please consider a tip and a donation. Proceeds will benefit Black Girls Code and Border Angels.


"An innovative mixture of technology and music." - The Boston Globe

"She has as much to do with Fanny Brice as Bob Dylan." - Horvandile

"Wayne's World meets the Judy Garland show." - Erin


Following the grand tradition of barn-raisings and house-rent parties, in the summer of 2009 Erin McKeown invited you into her living room, porch, river, and yard and asked you to lend a hand.

Just as farmers needed their neighbors to help raise the roof and musicians have sung for their supper, McKeown created the original series of Cabin Fever to benefit the recording and release of her album, "Hundreds of Lions".